XIFEI Cigar Draw Enhancer Cigar Needle -Good Helper for Cigar Lovers

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XIFEI Cigar Draw Enhancer Cigar Needle -Good Helper for Cigar Lovers

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  • Cigar Draw Tool Ingenious and sturdy design,Cigar Nubber, Cigar needle
  • “Harpoon” Style Draw Tool easily solves overfilled & plugged cigars
  • Alloy Body & Stainless Steel Tool Parts Twin Needle Nubber for holding cigars when smoked to the nub
  • If you have any questions within half a year, you will receive a full refund guarantee. High quality is worth your trust.

Two convenient tools combined into a very elegant format, a drawing tool for improving the cigar flow that is inserted or rolled too tightly

At any time, no matter how you cut or cigar, you have absolute control and fine-tuning every cigar you smoke.

The alloy cover is unscrewed to expose a stainless steel wire drawing tool (bottom) and a double stainless steel rubber pin (top).

The drawing tool string has a “harpoon” tip to remove a small amount of tobacco when creating an air passage.

For smaller ring gauge (RG) cigars, it is recommended to first create a shallow “guide hole” using the harp tip and then insert it gradually on each subsequent channel, each time withdrawing to remove the tobacco. This will help to avoid separating the cigar wrapper, which may occur when too much internal pressure is applied at one time. The Nubber needle has a non-slip surface near the tip to help hold the cigar safer.

When closed, 6-7 / 8″ x 44 RG (or about 3/4″ diameter), the Modus cigar tool works well with most cigar boxes and travel humidors for carrying around.
Both tools are very sharp. Please stay away from children!