Mantello Cigar Torch Lighter Accessories with Cigar Punch Attachment

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Mantello Cigar Torch Lighter Accessories with Cigar Punch Attachment

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  • You can not justify lighting an exquisite cigar with a subpar lighter. Instead, ignite the flavor and power with our Mantello Cigar Torch Lighter Accessories. These lighters are manufactured to be of the highest quality and reliability in the current industry.
  • Our Mantello Cigar Torch Lighter Accessories have a unique build both within the interior and exterior which enables these cigar torch lighter accessories to stand the test of time by providing long term use. In addition, the Mantello Cigar Torch Lighter Accessories  come equiped with a sophisticated piezo ignition that is normally found in gas grills and camping stoves. Supplement this fire power with a specially desgined grip that is built to mimic the ergonmics of the natural hand.
  • The Mantello Cigar Torch Lighter Accessories are suitbale for all settings. You can fire this torch lighter up whether you are at home after a long, strenuous week of work, or if you just simply need a suitable lighter on the go.
  • Mantello Cigar Torch Lighter Accessories are butane based lighters that are easily refillable and adjustable.
  • In order to refill the lighter, simply follow these instructions
    1. Lower the butane pressure to the lowest setting by turning the butane pressure dial in a counter-clockwise direction towards the minus sign (-) until the dial stops
    2. Next, fill the lighter with butane based off of the directions provided in the instructions manual.
    3. After you have filled the lighter, manually turn the butane pressure dial in a clockwise direction towards the plus (+) sign, do not turn dial all the way, only move dial 1/4 of the way
    4. Now, push the ignition button on the lighter. If the lighter does not ignite then the butane pressure dial may not have been far enough in a clock wise direction. Proceed to turn the dial more. Then press the ignition button.
    5. You can adjust the size of the flame by moving the dial in the appropiate direction.

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Package Includes

  • One Premium Mantello Cigar Torch Lighter
  • Cigar Hole Punch Attachment
  • Gift box
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty, Email us for support
  • Due to DOT Regulations – Butane Fuel is Not Included

***Note: The lighter will not ignite if the dial is placed on the lowest setting because there will not be any butane pressure at this setting low setting. Disclaimer: Mantello Cigars and its subsidiaries will not be responsible for any and all liability related to improper or unintended use or modification of the Mantello Cigars Lighter. Keep out of reach of children.