Joyoldelf Tobacco Pipes Maigret Black, Smooth, Bent, Hand Made + Stand

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Joyoldelf Tobacco Pipes Maigret Black, Smooth, Bent, Hand Made + Stand

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  • Comes with a wooden pipe stand, it’s foldable and easy to carry, you can feel free to sit the smoking pipe well on it, perfect to match up with your classical smoking pipe.
  • Fits regular 9 mm filter, enjoy this pipe in your hand to create your own perfect experience.
  • Hand made of high quality pear wood pipe with high standard polish, ensures durability and longevity and looks more beautiful and delicate than normal smoking pipe.
  • Pipe Length: 6.1”, height bowl 2.4”, diameter bowl inner 0.7”, depth bowl 1.2”. Wrapped with leatherette pouch, perfect to be as a gift for Father’s Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Teacher’s Day and all lovers.
  • Removable tobacco pipe, it can be detachable into two parts, the bowl part is made of pear wood, the stem is made of acrylic, very easy to clean.

Well-known pipe smokers are mostly quite forthright about their status as smokers. They not only admit their supposed vice, but, like Einstein, also find wise words to express the deeper meaning of their passion. The ritual of pipe smoking has nothing in common with the quick satisfaction of a need that is promised by a cigarette. Accordingly, the concept of a “quick smoke” is unknown for pipe smokers; the pleasure of pipe smoking lies in the quiet contemplation that it affords. If like pipe smokers, you already live life in the slow lane, you already know what it’s all about. If not, it’s worth a try. Joyoldelf has the right, hand crafted piece for you to enjoy!