Cigar Ashtray Accessories

The vibe is right. The setting is comfortable.  The smoke from your Gordito is growing stronger from every draw you take.  As you smoke, your half filled , chilled glass of cognac sits – patiently waiting to compliment the vanilla flavor pouring out of your cigar.

You have everything you need. But nothing can add more elegance to this delightful experience than choosing one of your cigar ashtray accessories.

Here at we understand the importance that an ashtray has. It’s not just a place to dump the forgotten remnants of your luxury cigar. Instead, cigar ashtray accessories act as a staple of art.

Yes, they can be simple, made of cheap material, easy to break. But here at we provide only the finest, most desirable, and prominent cigar ashtray accessories.

When you’re sitting at home puffing on a cafe espresso cigar you can’t just simply dump the ashes on the floor. No, that would be unacceptable. Instead, as members of the culture who understand the nuances of cigar etiquette, use of our cigar ashtray accessories to compliment the luxurious experience of smoking a cigar.

The options are unlimited. We provide all types of cigar ashtray accessories. Shop for ashtrays made of ceramic, silicone,  metal, even bourbon barrels. We have cigar ashtray accessories for all settings: indoor, outdoor, luxurious, simple. The list goes.

So please, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We would love to help you make the right decision, or even clear the air when it comes to choosing the products for you.